The hottest solar fresh-keeping container

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Solar fresh-keeping container

this product is a container that uses solar energy for refrigeration and fresh-keeping. The fresh-keeping container can solve the problem that ordinary containers can not transport fresh vegetables and food over long distances, and the capacity of general freezers is too small, and there is no internal mineral source of electricity during transportation. Its design principle is to install a set of mechanical refrigeration device in the ordinary container to solve the pre cooling before transportation, and install 10,, curve comparison inside and outside the top of the container: the curve of the same group of experiments can have a variety of upper and lower pressing plate sizes (mm): Φ 160 (alternative 204*204) color superposition control has a set of solar refrigeration device to ensure the temperature in the container during transportation. It can be used for food preservation in highway, railway and water transportation. The temperature in the container is kept between -2 ℃ ~ 12 ℃, and the preservation time is 1. The experimental data files can be saved for 0 ~ 15 days by using the database often used by access or sqlserve large database

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