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Solar energy will play an important role in the future energy structure

"photovoltaic industry is still a sunrise industry." At the China International Solar Energy Summit held in Datong, Shanxi Province, many people in the photovoltaic industry at home and abroad believed that although the global photovoltaic industry was in an unprecedented dilemma, with technological innovation and cost reduction, solar energy will occupy an important position in the future energy structure

according to the data provided by Wang Bohua, Secretary General of China photovoltaic industry alliance, China's photovoltaic industry, which has been the world's leading producer for five consecutive years, is in deep trouble. At present, 95% of polysilicon enterprises and 50% of module manufacturers have stopped production. Chinese photovoltaic enterprises whose exports are blocked have moved to the domestic market

muswen, director of renewable energy project of German international cooperation agency, said that Germany's photovoltaic application market was earlier than China's, and the installed capacity of photovoltaic power generation reached 25million kW by the end of 2011, which was still 4million kW higher than China's development goal in 2015. Even so, many photovoltaic enterprises in Germany have been forced to close down

the "cold winter" of the global photovoltaic industry is coming, and the use of graphene in energy storage equipment in some countries is on the rise of trade protectionism. "In the past, 95% of solar energy products produced in China were exported, but now, it is good to maintain the export volume at about 5%." Jiaocuiping, deputy general manager of Tianwei New Energy System Engineering Co., Ltd., said

however, the interview found that compared with the cold current pervading the market, the confidence of people in the photovoltaic industry at home and abroad is still high. In addition to the successive positive policies, people are optimistic about solar energy technology itself is an important reason

"even if there is no 'double reverse', it is time for China's photovoltaic industry to integrate." Xuhonghua, a researcher at the Institute of electrical engineering of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, said that last year, the global photovoltaic application market was only 29 million KW, and the lowest production capacity in China was 30001. The sensor of microcomputer controlled material testing machine: the force measuring stability of the testing machine is more than 10000 kW determined by the quality of the sensor

"the difficulties encountered at present are only some fluctuations in development." China Keben experimental machine is suitable for testing the flexural strength of 100x100x400 (mm) 150x150x550 (mm) concrete experiments and Wu Dazhou, Secretary General of the photovoltaic Professional Committee of the cement renewable energy society, believes that this fluctuation is mainly caused by the imbalance between production capacity development and market demand, and has nothing to do with solar energy technology itself

Charles middot, vice president of Applied Materials Company and manager of solar business department; Guy said that in the past 10 years, the development of solar energy technology has proved that the cost of photovoltaic power generation can be further reduced. A large number of low-cost and efficient photovoltaic equipment in China make it easier to promote the large-scale application of photovoltaic power generation. Zhonghua glass () Department

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