The hottest solar energy may reach 500 million kW

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In the next 15 years, solar energy may reach 500 million KW

photovoltaic + is an effective way to promote China's economic development and reduce the error force of experimental force under small load. Energy is the material basis to support economic and social development. Among renewable energy sources, photovoltaic has become an important aspect of energy as a good choice for flame retardant components. Photovoltaic + is a new force to promote China's economic development. Energy is the material basis to support economic and social development. Photovoltaic has become an important aspect of renewable energy. From this perspective, photovoltaic + can promote the development of energy and support the development of social economy through energy. Yi Yuechun, deputy chief engineer of China water resources and hydropower planning and Design Institute, believes that the following aspects can support his judgment:

first, photovoltaic power generation has begun to play an important role in global economic and social development. First, the proportion of renewable energy in the global marginal structure continues to increase. According to the situation in 2014, the new installed capacity of renewable energy exceeds that of coal and natural gas. About 59% of the new installed capacity of global net electricity comes from renewable energy, and the total installed capacity of renewable energy has reached 1712gw. This trend cannot be changed

second, renewable energy has become the most important investment direction in the global power structure. In 2014, the global investment in renewable energy exceeded 50MW of fuel

fourth, solar energy has become the field that provides the most employment opportunities in the renewable energy field. In 2014, the global renewable energy provided a total of 8million jobs, of which biomass and solar energy provided more than 3 million jobs, from the initial design to the production and supply of products. Therefore, solar energy not only promotes local economic development, but also provides employment opportunities for the world

fifth, at present, China has become the largest photovoltaic installed capacity in the country. According to the 13th five year plan, photovoltaic renewable energy will become an important direction of China's future energy development. In the next five years, it will account for 38% of the newly installed capacity, 12% of hydropower stations and 24% of wind power. Therefore, in the next five years, our power structure will be mainly wind power, solar energy, hydropower, and some nuclear power. In the process of China's future economic development and the development of new energy structure, photovoltaic plays an increasingly important role. In addition, by 2020, the development of solar energy will reach 160million, of which photovoltaic will account for 150million and solar thermal will account for 100million. By 2030, solar energy will reach more than 500million kW. During the 14th and 15th five year plans, the speed of photovoltaic development will be greater, and it will also play a fundamental role in the process of economic development

in order to achieve these goals and tasks, in terms of layout, while developing large-scale ground-based photovoltaic power stations in the West and the Middle East, we should also do a good job in using the distributed work of the roof, and do a good job in the situation of both ground-based power stations and distributed power stations

therefore, the important focus of the photovoltaic industry in the 13th five year plan is to deepen technological progress and industrial promotion in terms of technology and management, reduce costs through technological improvement, and promote distribution to make new progress in the 13th five year plan

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