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In order to cope with the global supply chain shortage and the continuous growth of raw material prices, sunchem announced that it would increase the ink prices sold in North America after a long-term development from April 1, 2011. The specific price increases are:

-sunlitdiamond, sunlitintensity, sunlitexact, etc; The price of series of color offset printing inks increased by 4%

- the price of all other color offset printing inks increased by 8%

- the price of energycurable (English abbreviation EC) narrow rotating, hanging label and label printing ink increased by 7%

- the price of all packaging and printing EC inks increased by 7%

- all commercial printing EC inks increased by 7%

it is understood that in the past two years, the printing ink manufacturing industry in the United States has faced multiple pressures when the displacement z=0: the supply of raw materials is tight, the market demand of developing countries is growing, the chemical industry is being adjusted, Alcoa is using casting strengthening technology, and the industry profits continue to decline, all of which have led to the rise of ink manufacturing costs

at the same time, we should also see that the suppliers of upstream products not only provide products for the printing industry, but also provide products for many other industries, so the printing industry also needs to compete with other industries for resources. This makes the manufacturing cost of ink face further upward pressure

for the need to reset the system for this price increase, sunchem said it was helpless and had no better solution. In fact, before that, sunchem had raised the price of its products in some markets. From this point of view, this price increase is only a part of its overall price increase, and the price of solar chemistry will continue to rise in other regions in the future

sunchem is one of the largest manufacturers of printing inks and pigments in the world, and is committed to serving the booming media, printing and packaging industries all over the world

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