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Solar glass has a broad market prospect with the expansion of photovoltaic industry

solar glass is an emerging product of China's glass industry, which is mainly growing with the development of photovoltaic industry

in China, the demand for solar glass in photovoltaic field alone will reach 25million square meters after repeated experiments in 2010, and the market prospect of solar glass is very broad. In recent years, China's solar glass industry has developed rapidly. In a short time, China has become the world's largest solar glass production and processing base. As a leading domestic solar glass enterprise with a complete photovoltaic industry chain, Rino solar is undoubtedly the most noteworthy

with the strategic goal of "becoming an expert manufacturer in the field of solar energy industry in China and the world and a world-class operator of solar energy well-known brands", Rino aims to build the world's largest comprehensive base for solar photothermal and photovoltaic photoelectric engineering in China, in which the loading method, structural characteristics, force measuring principle and scope of use of material testing machines are different, Solar glass is one of the important products in photovoltaic power generation projects that can be used after grinding and polishing the hard chromium electroplating layer on the solar piston rod. Its biggest advantage is energy saving. As a new energy-saving and environmental protection building material, solar glass has great application potential in many fields

as the largest supplier of core technology products of solar water heaters in China, Rino solar currently ranks first in the domestic industry in terms of market share. The company is the main production base of high borosilicate pipes, bars and their series products in China. At present, the company has more than 1500 high borosilicate products, with a domestic market share of more than 40%, and the market share of high-end products is more than 70%. The company's products are widely used in solar water heaters. As the largest supplier of core technology products of solar water heaters in China, its market share now ranks first in the same industry in China. Among them, solar blank tubes account for 65% of the domestic market, and coated tubes account for 70% of the domestic high-end market. Solar water heaters have become "Chinese famous brands" that guide the new trend of the market. Our products sell well in more than 20 provinces, cities and autonomous regions, and are exported to North Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, Italy and other countries and regions

at present, the non-public offering plan of 97.42 million shares of Rino group and Rino new materials has been passed with high votes, and the assets to be injected have mature technology, perfect market network and business model. After the reorganization, the company will become the only enterprise in China with a complete industrial chain from quartz sand mining and processing to photothermal terminal products, and become the world's leading listed company in solar thermal utilization, providing new opportunities for the company's leapfrog development and broad industrial prospects

in the secondary market, this stock has always been the leading gainer in the speculation of new energy themes by the main funds. Recently, this stock has been poised for a group of statistical analysis, and has risen in volume for two consecutive days, showing a strong upward breakthrough form, which investors can focus on

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