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Solar glass antireflective coating was selected into Guangdong innovation fund

recently, the Provincial Department of science and technology announced the second batch of projects (general innovation projects) for which the 2010 Guangdong Provincial Science and technology small and medium-sized enterprise technology innovation special project also needs to pay the advance investment of the project. Zhongshan City has 10 projects selected

the provincial innovation fund project began to apply in May this year. Recently, The Provincial Department of science and technology and the Provincial Department of Finance completed the 201 "we can fully control the production line to avoid expanding the failure system. The second batch of special funds for technological innovation of scientific and technological small and medium-sized enterprises in Guangdong Province in 0 (general innovation projects) Project acceptance, expert review, project approval. Zhongshan City has 10 projects selected, including self-cleaning water-based nano solar glass antireflection coating and its film making technology

it is reported that the second batch of projects are in the publicity stage, and the publicity period is two weeks. During the publicity period, objections and reports from all walks of life on the project are accepted. If there is no objection after the announcement, the project approval and fund allocation procedures shall be formally handled

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