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Xiuqiang shares: solar glass Nova waiting to set sail

recently, we investigated xiuqiang shares and communicated with the company's executives on the company's current business situation and future planning of organic sandwich, which provided excellent stiffness and weight ratio

event review

the price of float glass decreased, and the cost decreased, resulting in increased profits. Recently, the price of float glass has fallen again, which is good for the company: the company's products color crystal glass, cover plate and shelf glass are mainly based on the verification m and 4mm float glass of the 3.2m Jinan assay safety glass impact tester. The purchase price is about 17 yuan/square meter (including tax price), which is reduced by about 1. 5% Yuan/square meter. If the average monthly consumption is 1million square meters, the monthly cost can be reduced by about million. In addition, due to the large number of domestic ultra white calendered glass production capacity, the boom of ultra white calendered glass may decline from the second half of this year, thereby reducing the cost of the company's large travel characteristics of the antireflective glass business

color crystal and antireflection are the main driving forces of this year's performance, which will continue to grow in the future

the company is the largest producer of polycrystalline glass in China and the main drafter of the national standard for polycrystalline decorative glass. As the traditional strong business of the company, Caijing glass has a strong profitability, with a gross profit margin of about 5% and a market share of 35%

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