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Tailai (Singapore) shanpintang TM sucrose factory has received grade a evaluation in the AVA audit for three consecutive times

on August 18, 2010, Shanghai - Tailai company, the world's leading food ingredient manufacturer, recently announced that its shanpintang TM sucrose factory in Singapore has received grade a evaluation again from the Singapore agricultural, food and Veterinary Bureau (AVA). Since its operation in 2007, the factory has obtained grade a evaluation in AVA audit for three consecutive times

Ms. xuxiujuan, director of market and business development of thalai Asia Pacific region, said: "we insist on providing customers with shanpintang TM sucralose with unparalleled quality and purity. Winning the grade a evaluation again is the best affirmation of our continuous efforts."

on July 23, 2010, Dr. Mohamad Maliki Osman, Secretary of the National Development Council of Singapore, Mr. KOH soo Keong, chairman of AVA, and Ms. Tan poh Hong, CEO of AVA presented honorary certificates to the winners at the AVA awards dinner

ava food safety excellence plan evaluates all food processing enterprises in Singapore according to the four grades of ABCD. A means excellent, B means good, C means average, D means passed. AVA adopts strict food safety and hygiene standards to audit and evaluate each food processing enterprise every year, These standards include:

overall cleaning and hygiene services

food storage

food processing equipment and facilities

food processing equipment and facilities

Product Identification and transportation

food safety system

food hygiene training


violation records

Tailai (Singapore) shanpintang TM sucrose factory strictly implements the zero defect policy and sets up 50 monitoring points in the production process, Ensure to provide customers with products of consistent quality, all Party ④ makee formula services, good product traceability and supply guarantee

Mr. mark Huber, manager of thalai (Singapore) Shanpin sugar TM sucrose factory, said, "thank all employees and contractors who have cooperative relations with thalai. It is your unremitting efforts and active cooperation that makes thalai win this honor. We are very proud of this. Thalai will continue to strive to improve the quality of products and services and strive for higher honors."

about Tate Lyle

Tate Lyle is the world's leading renewable food and industrial ingredients company, with more than 45 production facilities throughout the Americas, Europe and Southeast Asia, serving the global market. Our efficient and large-scale factories convert agricultural products, corn and sucrose into high-value ingredients for our customers. These ingredients can increase the taste, texture, nutrition and functionality of products. Millions of people around the world enjoy products made from these ingredients every day

the effect of the additional bending moment generated by the use of the calibration lever and force value weight of Tate Lyle series on the verification result of torque indication should not exceed 1/3 of the allowable error of the experimental machine. The leading brand food ingredients include shanpintang TM sucralose, promitor dietary fiber, sta-lite polydextrose. Tate Lyle also produces branded industrial ingredients, including Bio PDO, ethylex and sta lock paper starch, and bulk ingredients such as high fructose corn syrup, ethanol, citric acid and base starch. In addition to providing a wide range of ingredients, our innovation and business development team also provides customers with support for product development, technical advice and proprietary consumer insight research

Tate Lyle is a listed company on the London Stock Exchange, and its code is tate L。 American depositary receipts are traded in tatyy. As of March 31, 2010, there were 5666 employees in the subsidiaries and joint ventures of Tate Lyle, with annual sales of US $5.6 billion (3.5 billion pounds)

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Shanpin saccharin is the trademark of McNeil nutrition, LLC

about the food safety excellence award

the food safety Excellence Award was originally initiated by the Singapore agriculture, food and Veterinary Authority (AVA), which is used to commend food production enterprises that have always adhered to food safety and quality

about the Singapore agriculture, food and Veterinary Authority (AVA)

on April 1, 2010, Singapore's primary production sector was restructured into a statutory body - the Singapore agriculture, food and Veterinary Authority (AVA). The Singapore agriculture, food and Veterinary Bureau has greater autonomy and flexibility, which also enables it to better respond to the challenges in today's agriculture and food industry

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