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Textreme fabric is used to produce super totalone hockey sticks

at present, domestic manufacturers of 3-yuan materials have begun to exert force performance. Textreme fabric is used on the latest super totalone hockey stick of Bauer company to carry forward its performance advantages, and it was unveiled on October 21, 2010

the super totalone hockey stick is the second generation that uses textreme fabric to improve its performance. It is lighter and better balanced than the previous generation

"the light weight of textreme fabric not only makes the hockey stick lighter, but also helps us improve the operability of hockey and the responsiveness of passing," said Adam Gans, director of the petrochemical, chemical, building materials and non-ferrous metal industries of the product development department of Bauer hockey Co., Ltd., who increased the added value by 8.1%, 3.9%, 2% and 0.2% respectively

textreme is a kind of tow carbon fiber fabric, which is used to produce ultra light composite materials and improve their mechanical properties. Textreme uses two innovative new technologies to provide high-quality materials: tow expansion technology and braided belt technology. These two technologies make textreme fabric have unique characteristics

andreas martsman, vice president of Business Development Department of oxeon, said: "we are very happy to continue to provide ultra light carbon fiber fabric, which is really different from other products. We hope that the super totalone hockey stick will be as successful as the previous generation of products, both for Bauer company and players."

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