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HEPP won the "excellent supplier in 2010" award of Country Garden Group

on February 13, 2011, at the 2011 "excellent supplier" recognition conference of country garden group, Country Garden Group held a grand award ceremony a few days ago. Hempel won the honorary title of "excellent supplier in 2010" awarded by Country Garden Group, a strategic partner, for its excellent service and high-quality products. However, during this period,

this is the first time for country garden group to select excellent suppliers. After strict review and comprehensive evaluation, more than 3000 suppliers were selected to replace excellent suppliers within 2415 working days. Mr. shaoyanmin, general manager of Hempel Asia Pacific decorative paint department, and Mr. Huang Fei, senior regional sales manager, attended the award ceremony on behalf of Hempel

As one of the coating suppliers of country garden group, Hempel participated in the development of more than 20 projects across the country in 2010, achieving a sales revenue of more than 40 million yuan. In 2011, Hempel will continue to work for the win-win situation of both sides with the purpose of high-quality products and excellent services

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