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China's textile warp knitting industry will face challenges in the future after a decade of leapfrog development. On November 27, at the series of activities on the changes of China's warp knitting industry in the past decade and the third member congress of the warp knitting branch of China Knitting Industry Association, held in Haining, Zhejiang Province, it was learned that China's warp knitting industry has made remarkable achievements in the past decade and has successfully taken an important step towards the transformation from "warp knitting world" to "world warp knitting", Become the wind vane of the global warp knitting industry

according to statistics, by the end of 2014, there were about 20000 warp knitting enterprises in China, including about 1425 Enterprises above Designated Size, with 300000 employees; Over the past 10 years, the total output value of China's warp knitting industry has increased by 333%, breaking the 200 billion mark at the end of 2014; The sales and export of China's warp knitted products have an average annual growth of more than 10%. The research and development of warp knitting products in China has also reached its peak, with more than 10000 new product types; By the end of 2014, China's warp knitting industry had produced 4.15 million tons of all kinds of warp knitted fabrics and consumed about 4.5 million tons of chemical fiber raw materials. China's advanced warp knitting machines account for more than 86% of the world's total warp knitting machinery, and the proportion continues to rise

in terms of brand building, five warp knitting industrial clusters have been licensed, another seven are to be licensed, and 23 are national and provincial famous brands. A new highland of technology and brand is being formed. At present, the warp knitting industry cluster has become an important economic contributor to China's warp knitting industry. By the end of 2014, the total economic output of the warp knitting industry cluster accounted for more than 80% of the total economic output of the whole industry. Taking Zhejiang Haining warp knitting industrial park, Fujian Changle warp knitting industrial cluster, Jiangsu Meili warp knitting industrial cluster, Zhejiang Yangxunqiao warp knitting industrial cluster and Zhejiang Dingqiao warp knitting industrial cluster as examples, the development of warp knitting industry has greatly promoted the development of regional economy and become an important engine of local economic development

over the past decade, the main work of the warp knitting branch of China Knitting Industry Association has been: safeguarding intellectual property rights, strengthening social supervision, opposing unfair competition, formulating trade rules and regulations, standardizing industry behavior, and safeguarding industry interests; Investigate and study the industrial development and market trends at home and abroad, participate in the formulation of industrial development strategic planning, put forward policy and legislative suggestions to the government, and provide information and consulting services to enterprises; Advocate scientific and technological progress, promote information construction, organize all kinds of talent education and training, and encourage enterprises to take the road of independent innovation; Participate in the formulation and revision of national industrial standards, and organize the implementation; Organize brand exhibition at home and abroad, and assist enterprises in market development at home and abroad; Carry out industrial safety investigation and timely release industrial early warning information; Organize international dialogues, carry out industrial diplomacy, strengthen Sino foreign economic cooperation and exchanges, and promote international cooperation. The warp knitting branch of China Knitting Industry Association has planned and organized a number of large-scale and brand activities, which have promoted the sustainable development of the industry, mainly including "looking at textiles at the grass-roots level", China Warp Knitting miles, China? The international warp knitting design competition, the 2013 national textile industry "Runyuan Cup" warp knitting vocational skills competition, the establishment of the warp knitting College of China Textile Luo University, the military supplies special textile products technology docking meeting, the business negotiation organized by groups abroad, the China Maqiao warp knitting fair, etc

it is understood that the current challenges faced by China's warp knitting industry mainly come from external and internal aspects. Since the 21st century, China's warp knitting industry has formed obvious cluster advantages. At the same time, the warp knitting industry in India, Vietnam, Cambodia and other countries has also developed very rapidly, which has a certain impact on the market share of China's warp knitting products. In the field of high-end products, China is also facing severe international competitive advantages and the pressure of technology and market monopoly from developed countries. Internal aspect: the industrial structure is not reasonable. The products are mainly concentrated in the field of weaving, while the technology and output in the fields of raw materials, printing and dyeing, and finishing are obviously insufficient; The ability of independent innovation is insufficient, and the proportion of high-tech and high value-added products is low; Insufficient connection between production and demand, difficulties in developing some downstream markets, and lack of talent structure and talent

the warp knitting branch of China Knitting Industry Association accurately understands the characteristics, new changes and macroeconomic trends of the current economic new western developed countries' demand for peek, insists on guiding the industry to take the new industrialization development path, takes "stable growth and structural adjustment" as the focus, explores new ideas and new attempts to break through multiple paths such as structural adjustment, transformation and upgrading, and strives to build scientific and technological innovation construction, modern management construction The "five in one" industrial layout of brand construction, construction and ecological civilization construction, in-depth exploration of new growth points of the warp knitting industry in the new normal period, and guide the industry to focus on the construction of a strong warp knitting country

the third chairman committee of the warp knitting branch of the China Knitting Industry Association spoke highly of the breakthrough made by former chairman Shen shunnian for China's warp knitting technology, brand, sustainability and talent construction, and considered the average stress correction and Neuber elastic-plastic correction method; Based on the strain life curve of the corresponding material of the spring seat and miner criterion, the fatigue life of the spring seat is calculated. Chen Nanliang was elected president of the warp knitting branch of the third China Knitting Industry Association, and Fang Na was elected executive president. Shen shunnian was invited to serve as honorary chairman of the third chairman committee of the warp knitting branch of China Knitting Industry Association. The series of activities for the ten-year change of China's warp knitting industry have received positive responses from major industrial clusters and warp knitting enterprises, supporting and cooperating with the implementation of the series of activities. The activity was strongly supported by Haining warp knitting industrial park in Zhejiang Province, Changle Municipal People's government, Meili Town People's government, Yangxunqiao Town People's government, etc

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