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intelligent manufacturing "13th five year plan" was released to clarify the "two-step" strategy

recently, at the world Intelligent Manufacturing Conference held by Nanjing International Expo Center, the Ministry of industry and information technology released the "intelligent manufacturing development plan (2016-2020)" at the conference, clarifying the "two-step" strategy and ten key tasks of China's intelligent manufacturing during the "13th five year plan"

the plan proposes to promote intelligent manufacturing and implement the "two-step" strategy by 2025: step 1.1 the host adopts the double column frame design. By 2020, the development foundation and supporting capacity of intelligent manufacturing will be significantly enhanced. The key areas of manufacturing in the traditional K exhibition this year will basically realize digital manufacturing, and the intelligent transformation of key industries with conditions and foundations has made significant progress; Second, by 2025, the intelligent manufacturing support system will be basically established, and key industries will initially realize intelligent transformation

the plan proposes ten key tasks, including: accelerating the development of intelligent manufacturing equipment, strengthening the innovation of key common technologies, building an intelligent manufacturing standard system, building the foundation of industrial interconnection, strengthening the demonstration and promotion of intelligent manufacturing pilot, promoting the intelligent transformation of key fields, promoting the intelligent transformation of small and medium-sized enterprises, cultivating an intelligent manufacturing ecosystem Another version of more advanced xpressn materials in the promotion zone has entered the final stage of research and development, including collaborative development of intelligent manufacturing and building an intelligent manufacturing talent team

the plan also emphasizes that we should take the development of intelligent manufacturing as a long-term strategic task, focus on the implementation of Intelligent Manufacturing Engineering, strive to improve the safety and controllability of key technology and equipment, strive to enhance the basic support ability, strive to improve the level of integrated application, strive to explore and cultivate new models, strive to create a good development environment, in order to cultivate new drivers of economic growth, create new competitive advantages in China's manufacturing industry Lay a solid foundation for building a manufacturing power

this conference was jointly organized by the Ministry of industry and information technology and the people's Government of Jiangsu Province. With the theme of "making manufacturing smarter", the conference focused on the development trend of Intelligent Manufacturing in the world and discussed various practical application fields in the manufacturing industry. Relevant policy makers, industry organizations, scientific research institutions and a number of world top 500 manufacturing enterprises from China, the United States, Germany, Switzerland and other countries in the field of intelligent manufacturing attended the meeting

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