The 13th five year plan of the hottest intelligent

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The 13th five year plan of intelligent manufacturing has released the focus of industrial interconnection construction

focus on the core and key links such as perception, control, decision-making and implementation, promote the joint innovation of industry, University, research and application, overcome key technical equipment, and improve quality and reliability. Facing the ten key areas of "made in China 2025", we will promote the integrated application of key technologies and equipment of intelligent manufacturing, core support software, industrial interconnection and other systems, and integrate and develop a number of major packages in a joint mode of system solution suppliers, equipment manufacturers and users, so as to promote engineering application and industrialization. Promote the integrated application of the new generation of information and communication technology in equipment (products), and promote the R & D, design and industrialization of smart cars, service robots and other products

II. Strengthen the innovation of key common technologies

around the realization of intelligent functions such as perception, control, decision-making and execution, aiming at the development and application of key technical equipment for intelligent manufacturing, intelligent products, major complete sets of equipment, digital workshops/intelligent factories, break through a number of key common technologies such as advanced perception and measurement, high-precision motion control, high reliable intelligent control, modeling and simulation, industrial interconnection safety, etc, Research and develop core support software related to intelligent manufacturing, layout and accumulate a number of core intellectual property rights, and provide technical support for realizing the intellectualization of manufacturing equipment and manufacturing process

third, build an intelligent manufacturing standard system

according to the guidelines for the construction of national intelligent manufacturing standard system, carry out research on basic common standards, key technology standards, industry application standards, build a standard test and verification platform (system), and carry out the whole process test and verification around the bottlenecks such as interconnection and multi-dimensional collaboration. People urgently need an efficient, energy-saving and safe waste plastic granulator and advanced technology to improve the formulation (Revision) of ecological environment standards and promote them in all fields of manufacturing industry. Establish a national intelligent manufacturing standardization coordination and promotion group, an overall group and an expert consultation group to form a working mechanism for collaborative promotion. Make full use of the existing working mechanism of multi department coordination and multi Standardization Committee cooperation, form a joint force, pool domestic and foreign standardization resources, Jinan testing machine factory attracts investment nationwide, and solidly build an advanced and applicable intelligent manufacturing standard system that meets the needs of industrial development

IV. build the foundation of industrial interconnection

develop new industrial network equipment and systems, and build industrial interconnection test and verification platform and identification analysis system. Promote manufacturing enterprises to carry out factory network upgrading and transformation. Encourage telecom operators to improve the external network of factories and carry out the construction of industrial cloud and big data platform. Develop safe and reliable information security software and hardware products, build an information security assurance system and test verification platform for intelligent manufacturing, and establish and improve the mechanism of industrial interconnection information security risk assessment, inspection and information sharing

v. strengthen the pilot demonstration and promotion of intelligent manufacturing

in key areas and industries with good basic conditions and urgent needs, select backbone enterprises, and carry out pilot demonstration of new intelligent manufacturing mode around discrete intelligent manufacturing, process intelligent manufacturing, network collaborative manufacturing, mass customization, remote operation and maintenance services, industrial cloud platform, crowdsourcing and maker, so as to form effective experience and mode. Around the whole life cycle of design, R & D, production, logistics, services, etc., select intelligent manufacturing benchmarking enterprises for transplantation and promotion in related industries

VI. promote intelligent transformation in key areas

around the ten key areas of made in China 2025, pilot build digital workshops/intelligent factories, accelerate the integrated application of key technology and equipment of intelligent manufacturing, and promote manufacturing process simulation optimization, digital control, real-time monitoring of status information and adaptive control. Accelerate the promotion and application of product life cycle management, customer relationship management and supply chain management systems, and promote the integration of key links such as group management and control, design and manufacturing, integration of production, supply and marketing, and business and financial connection. Aiming at the needs of automation and digital transformation of key processes in traditional manufacturing industry, we should promote the application of digital technology, system integration technology and intelligent manufacturing equipment, improve the design, manufacturing, process and management level with the increase of eccentric moment, and strive to improve the development level and move towards the middle and high end. We will strengthen the green transformation of traditional manufacturing industries, promote green circular links among industries, and improve the green level of key manufacturing technologies

VII. Promote the intelligent transformation of small and medium-sized enterprises

guide the basic and qualified small and medium-sized enterprises to promote the automation transformation of production lines, and carry out the pilot application of management informatization and digital upgrading. Establish a development mechanism for leading enterprises to lead and drive small and medium-sized enterprises to promote automation and informatization, and improve the intelligent level of small and medium-sized enterprises. Integrate and utilize existing manufacturing resources, build cloud manufacturing platforms and service platforms, provide key industrial software and various model bases and manufacturing capacity outsourcing services, and serve the intelligent development of small and medium-sized enterprises

VIII. Cultivate intelligent manufacturing ecosystem

face the development needs of enterprise intelligent manufacturing, promote the close cooperation and collaborative innovation of enterprises in different fields such as equipment, automation, software and information technology, promote the division of labor, cooperation and common development of enterprises in all links of the industrial chain, and gradually form a joint promotion with intelligent manufacturing system integrators as the core and leading enterprises in all fields A large number of "specialized and special" enterprises located in subdivisions have deeply participated in the intelligent manufacturing development ecosystem. Accelerate the cultivation of a number of system solution suppliers with industry and professional characteristics; Vigorously develop leading enterprise groups with international influence; We will optimize and strengthen a number of "specialized and special" supporting enterprises such as sensors, intelligent instruments, control systems, servo devices, industrial software, etc

IX. promote the coordinated development of regional intelligent manufacturing

create an intelligent manufacturing equipment industry cluster. Actively promote the construction of intelligent manufacturing equipment industrial clusters with industrial chains as the link and resource elements gathering, and improve the supporting system of industrial chain cooperation. Strengthen planning guidance, improve the level of infrastructure such as information networks and public service platforms, and promote the standardized and orderly development of industrial clusters

promote the differentiated development of regional intelligent manufacturing. In combination with the "made in China 2025 provincial and municipal implementation guide", closely rely on the development foundation of Intelligent Manufacturing in this region and focus on the key points. Vigorously promote the regions with better manufacturing development level to take the lead in realizing the intelligent transformation of advantageous industries, and actively promote the less developed regions of manufacturing industry to speed up the automation and digital transformation of manufacturing industry in combination with reality, so as to gradually develop towards intelligence

strengthen the coordination of regional intelligent manufacturing resources. Build an interconnected manufacturing resource collaboration platform, constantly improve the system architecture and operating rules, accelerate the integration and docking of innovation resources, design capabilities, production capabilities and service capabilities between regions, promote the parallel organization and collaborative optimization of all links in the manufacturing process and the whole value chain, and realize the complementarity of Regional Advantageous resources and the optimal allocation of resources

X. build an intelligent manufacturing talent team

build a multi-level talent team. We should vigorously carry forward the spirit of craftsmanship and highlight the cultivation of professionalism. Strengthen the training of intelligent manufacturing talents, cultivate a group of high-level leading talents who can break through the key technologies of intelligent manufacturing and drive the intelligent transformation of manufacturing industry, a group of compound talents who are good at manufacturing enterprise management and familiar with information technology in the next few years, a group of professional and technical talents who can carry out the development, technical improvement and business guidance of intelligent manufacturing technology, and a group of high skilled talents with complete categories, exquisite skills and dedication

improve the talent training mechanism. Innovate the education and training mode of technical talents, and promote enterprises and colleges to become the "double main body" of technical talents training. Universities, institutes and enterprises with conditions are encouraged to build intelligent manufacturing training bases and cultivate high-quality technical and skilled talents that meet the development needs of intelligent manufacturing. Support the construction of intelligent manufacturing discipline system and talent training system in Colleges and universities. Establish an intelligent manufacturing talent demand prediction and information service platform

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