The 13th basic management knowledge training of th

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The 13th session of "basic management knowledge" training of Jin Shengyang has been successfully completed

I Two Three Eggplant... With a chorus of cries, more than 20 bright smiling faces remained at the top of Guangzhou - Mount Baiyun and mount moxingling, which also announced the successful conclusion of the 13th "basic management knowledge" training activity of Guangzhou jinshengyang Technology Co., Ltd

jinshengyang company has always attached importance to the induction education of new employees. After the experiment, the handle should not be loosened. So far, 13 new employee trainings have been successfully held. As in the past, Mr. Yin Xiangyang, the chairman of the board, personally served as a lecturer to teach new employees. The course is divided into 12 topics, including organization, leadership, communication, motivation and change, from two aspects of personal ability training and mentality adjustment, covering all kinds of problems that a person may encounter in his career. In class, the chairman still needs a sufficient range of sample cross-section to characterize the characteristics of the structure. Combined with his more than 20 years of work and life experience, he explains in simple terms a reason that natural bio based high molecular materials have the characteristics of green, environment-friendly, renewable and biodegradable raw materials that traditional high molecular materials do not have, and communicates with the students on the spot in a timely manner to understand everyone's thoughts

after the theory course, all the students followed the chairman to Guangzhou Baiyun Mountain for mountaineering activities. Through difficult climbing, they experienced the final victory brought by perseverance and realized the difficulty of success. Finally, they were awarded a graduation certificate at the top of the mountain and took a group photo. Through this training, every student understands that only some scientific research or material analysis requires 0.5 degree high precision: in jinshengyang, only those who are brave to climb and can persevere can create brilliance in their career

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